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"If you can imagine it, you can build it here."

~ Mike | artist

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Air Light Time & Space is located just minutes from downtown Seattle at 5516 4th Ave S. We share the building with several other creative tenants. Our main entrance is around the right hand side on the southwest corner of the building.

Some parking is available behind the building on 5th Ave S. Please do not block the gate.

You can email us at altspace@ignitionnw.org and probably get a response within a day.

You can ring the space phone at (206) 309-9123 or toll-free at 1-8-SPACE-ALTS (1-877-223-2587) and if someone is there they might pick up.

Internet Chat
You can connect to one of our Matrix chat channels:

  • #altspace-announcements:whomst.online
  • #altspace-general:whomst.online
  • #altspace-projects:whomst.online

Or connect via Discord: https://discord.gg/uqb97CGDUa

You can meet and chat with interesting people!

Social Media
You can follow us on social media. We sporadically post updates, your mileage may vary.

Follow us on twitter: @TheALTSpace
Follow us on facebook: facebook.com/AirLightTimeSpace/

Or just drop by
If someone is working in the space you can wave and say hello. We are often happy to show people around or answer random questions. Due to the ongoing COVID pandemic we are not hosting any regular or public events at the moment, but please reach out through one or more of the above channels if you are interested in scheduling a tour of the space.

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we are affordable by seattle standards

location | contact

located minutes from downtown

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